Toenail Fungus Have You Hiding Your Toes?

5-Star Toenail Fungus Care & Restoration

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If you are researching for the most qualified and caring podiatrist in Wappingers Falls, NY for yourself or a loved one, then you’re in the right place at Hollowbrook Foot Specialists! Choosing the right podiatrist can help you avoid foot pain and get back to doing the things you love. For help with your research, download Dr. Schlam’s free report.

Fight Toenail Fungus with FDA-Approved Q-Clear Laser Treatment 

Toenail fungus is one of the most common foot conditions and can affect anyone at any time. It’s caused by the same type of fungus that causes athlete’s foot, so it can spread easily from one person or surface to another and from one part of the body to another. Some symptoms of toenail fungus include the toenails becoming brittle, yellow, and thick, which very often can cause pain. Toenail fungus is difficult to treat – and even when treated –  can reoccur. The good news? Hollowbrook Foot Specialists now offers advanced treatment with Q-Clear Laser in Wappinger Falls, NY. 

Why Q-Clear?

The Q-Clear Laser system is FDA-approved, and studies have shown it to be extremely effective in clearing up toenails that have become thick, discolored, or deformed from infection or fungus. In fact, results show that Q-Clear laser treatment is more effective than topical treatments or medications, and patients experienced no negative reactions or effects. And while laser treatment has been around for several decades, Q-Clear Laser is the first to show these positive results!

How it Works

The Q-Clear Laser system targets both the area of the toenail affected by the fungus, while ‘anti-targeting’ the healthy tissues around the toenail. How does it do this? By emitting a highly intense burst of light to the toenail that efficiently ‘nails’ the fungus in the nail bed – without injuring the underlying area. 

There will be no immediate visible results as your body takes over and grows a clear, healthy nail, but patients typically see some improvement over several months. 

How Many Treatments?

Very often, only one laser treatment is needed. However, with more complicated or severe toenail fungus, additional treatments may be required. Treatment time takes about 10 minutes for both feet, and patients tell us the procedure is pain-free, with the only sensation being a slight tingling or snapping sensation in the immediate area. Additionally, no anesthesia is needed. 

Your Top-Rated & New Favorite Podiatrist In Wappingers Falls, NY

Always arrive to a pleasant cheerful staff! They make you feel welcome and get you situated quickly! The Doctor is friendly and makes your feet feel great! I travel a bit to get to this office, but it is so worth it! The staff is always helpful and customizes my appointments to my needs!

– Bob D.

bob 5 star review

GREAT EXPERIENCE!!!! Very nice, friendly, and thorough doctor. Wonderful staff too! Very clean office. They fit me into there schedule the same day. They recognized my issue right away and got me out of discomfort painlessly.

– Jordan C.

jordan 5 star review

You will not find a better podiatrist than Dr. Schlam. I have been seeing him for over twenty years and he has been a godsend for my foot pain. If only I could give six stars…

– John M.

john 5 star review

Great experience. They got my son in as soon as possible as made sure his foot was ok. Will definitely use them again!

– Irene T.

irene 5 star review

The best health care experience. The staff and nurses are super friendly and Dr. Schlam is very good. I highly recommend Hollowbrook Foot Specialists.

– Bob D.

5 star review

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Toenail Fungus Have You Hiding Your Toes?

5-Star Toenail Fungus Care & Restoration

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